Dogs. 15 reasons to get a dog.

It is not uncommon for people to become pet lovers out of the blue: by adopting a stray dog, by giving in to a child’s request. Whatever the reason, once you own a dog, you can’t help but feel love and respect for these animals.

There are 15 reasons that most often encourage people to get a dog.

15 reasons to get a dog

1. Socializing with animals reduces stress

Many people find that socializing with a dog helps them cope with stress and fatigue. Playing actively with a pet normalizes blood pressure, improves blood flow to the brain and gives people an emotional boost. Dog owners are more organized, so they can more easily tolerate psychological and physical overload. There is even an opinion that dog owners live longer than those who do not have warm feelings for pets.

2. An excuse to move more and start exercising

Dogs love their owners not for their looks, talents and successes at work, but simply because they are. Your pet’s selfless and boundless love is a great incentive to start exercising. When you bring your puppy home, you will have to take a walk outdoors every morning to walk your dog, keep fit to play with your pet; keep your health in check because there will be no one to care for your pet if he or she gets sick. Use having a dog in your home as a reason to adopt an active lifestyle.

3. Babysitter and friend for children

When listing the advantages of dogs, you can’t ignore how carefully and zealously they treat children. A four-legged friend will be a caring and attentive nanny for children: he will look after a sleeping child, play with him or, on the contrary, calm him down.

4. Fostering responsibility in children

Communication with a dog teaches children responsibility, sensitivity and patience. You can take part in the «We Are Your Friends» program, which is aimed at fostering a culture of communication with pets and a careful attitude towards them. Taking care of a dog helps a child to gain self-confidence and self-esteem. With a pet it will be easier and more interesting for him to do his homework and schoolwork.

5. A reason to make a lifestyle change

Once you have a dog in the house, you simply can’t be irresponsible and lazy. You will have to change your lifestyle and daily routine in order to take your pet for walks, feed him, educate and train him on time.

A dog will not be obedient if it is not taught discipline from childhood, it needs frequent walks and feeding to keep it healthy and active. To ensure a comfortable living conditions for her, you will have to adjust to her «biorhythms» and temperament: get up early, walk in the mornings and evenings, do not stay late at work, if the pet does not tolerate loneliness.

6. New acquaintances and social circle of dog owners

Your social circle will expand, because you will need someone to discuss the problems of raising and training a pet with. You will get acquainted not only with people who, like you, do not have deep knowledge in keeping pets, but also with experienced dog breeders, cynologists, veterinarians. Among dog owners there are people of many different professions and ages. You will be able to make new acquaintances, find friends and like-minded people with whom you can share the problems and successes of your relationship with your dog.

7. A loyal friend who is fun to spend time with

A dog will always be there for you, a loyal friend who is fun to spend time with. Pets quickly become attached to their owners and remain loyal to them for the rest of their lives. They are always ready to join in the game and are happy to pose for family photo shoots. You can travel with them by car, play soccer, relax in nature — any activity you do with a dog will become much more exciting.

8. Dogs save lives

The pros of a dog lie not only in its natural sociability and openness, but also in its developed instincts. These animals have a fine and sensitive sense of smell, because of which they are used in the work of rescuing people after disasters and earthquakes. There are thousands of cases when they helped to find lost children, warned of fires and floods. In service breeds, such abilities are more developed, but after special training, guarding skills can be taught to any dog.

9. New Knowledge

To properly care for a dog, you’ll have to learn a lot of new things: how to feed it, how to keep it safe from disease, how to train and socialize it. The owner is responsible for the pet’s behavior, so it is recommended that every dog owner enroll in a training course and learn how to control the dog. The more you know about the habits and physiology of pets, the faster you will establish a rapport with your dog and gain his trust and love.

10. Learning to care for someone else

Psychologists recommend getting a dog for families with children, as communication with it becomes an example of selfless care and love. A pet is completely dependent on the person and accepts all the pros and cons of the owner without judgment.

The appearance of a dog in the house inevitably leads to a revision of the duties of all family members, but the new responsibility, as a rule, does not scare either children or adults. The pet will grow, and with it will grow a sense of understanding and friendship.

11. Support at all times

You will feel the love of your four-legged friend all the time. It does not need to be taught sensitivity and responsiveness, it is always friendly to the owner. The presence of a dog in the house gives a sense of security and peace of mind. Sociable and contact animals provide emotional support, help stabilize the mental state, cope with stress.

In some countries, pets are specially trained and qualified as Emotional Support Dogs. Such animals are allowed to fly on an airplane together with their owners to help them cope with various phobias during the flight.

12. Travel companion

The many perks of a dog — friendliness, loyalty, faithfulness — are common knowledge. And a pet can also become a traveling partner. He will not only ensure your safety, but can also carry a small load, if you buy a special satchel for him in advance. Dogs are unpretentious to hiking conditions, and when traveling, they will have the opportunity to release their energy, to practice their endurance.

Pets are happy to travel by car, perfectly tolerate airplane flights and train rides. You don’t need to be separated when you are going out of town for a picnic or going to a resort abroad.

13. An escape from loneliness

If you don’t have many friends because of limited opportunities or a busy job, get a dog. It will become your faithful companion for life. Pets have developed intuition and curiosity, so they quickly memorize the habits of the owner and adjust to them. Communicating with an animal will diversify your life and allow you to see its best sides.

14. Helping the sick and healing

If your family has a special child or elderly loved ones are having problems, get a service dog. There are guide dogs that can help people with disabilities get around on the street and take public transportation. A pet can act as a caregiver for a bedridden patient, bringing him the things he needs.

Specially trained dogs are used in canister therapy. This is gaining popularity as a method of treatment of various physical ailments, negative mental states and developmental features. Communication with an animal helps to get rid of stress, anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity, to instill communication skills in children and adults immersed in their world (autistic people), people who have difficulties with adaptation in a collective.

It is believed that socializing with a dog is useful for people with intellectual disabilities (Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis). They help to return to a full life faster after strokes and heart attacks.

15. A close-knit family

It is believed that in families where there is a dog, there are fewer conflict situations and domestic quarrels. Thanks to a pet, family members communicate more with each other, are united by common interests and care for the animal. Taking care of a dog helps to realize the responsibility for his life, to understand how important for him attention and love of people.