Yorkshire terrier. Pros and cons of the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

Before getting a dog of this or that breed, conscious breeders try to find as much information about the future pet as possible. Therefore, if you opted for this mega-popular breed — welcome to the world of Yorkshire terriers! This section presents an article that will tell you about the features, pros and cons of the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

Benefits of the Yorkshire Terrier breed

Yorkshire Terrier is a decorative long-haired breed of dog, which strikes with its attractive cute appearance, doll-like expression of the face, good-natured character, cheerful disposition, and leaves few people indifferent. Yorkies have a high intelligence, fine psyche, quite inquisitive, well-trained. Like all terriers, yorkies have unbridled energy, ready to take part in active games for hours on end.

Yorkshire terrier. Pros and cons of the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

Yorkies love children, but given their small size, especially the size of mini yorkies, it is necessary to ensure that in the process of games the child accidentally did not harm the dog, do not perceive a small pet as a live toy.

Character of Yorkshire Terriers

Despite their cute appearance, yorkies have an individual character, have all the qualities that are inherent in real terriers. They are brave and if necessary can protect their master from danger, have a well-developed hunting instinct. In the character of these funny dogs is seen stubbornness, so it is very important not to make mistakes in the education of the Yorkshire terrier.

Yorkies have a calm, friendly and peaceful disposition, so they get along well on the same territory with other pets and their relatives. But it should be taken into account that these cute simpotyazhki always want to be the center of attention, do not like to stay alone for a long time. A bored terrier will literally follow its owner or other family members. Yorkshire Terriers get along well with young children and will gladly participate in games.

Yorkies, as well as any other representatives of the Terrier breed have irrepressible energy, have a cheerful, cheerful disposition. Small dogs can run for hours like an energizer around the house or on the street during a walk. Dogs of this breed, like little children, simply adore various games, so it is necessary to buy a pet as much as possible a variety of interesting toys. In addition, do not forget — any dogs vitally need movement, active, long walks. For walks in rainy or cold weather, so that the luxurious coat does not get dirty, the pet does not freeze, does not catch cold, the dog should wear warm clothes. Dogs of this breed feel comfortable in the hands of the owner or in a bag in crowded, noisy places.

Despite their small size, yorkies have fairly well developed guarding qualities. When a stranger appears on the territory or near the front door, the dogs will always notify their owners with loud barking. In addition, yoriks do not mind to show interest, to scuffle in the street to dogs, which are several times larger than small terriers. From an early age, starting from the first walks it is necessary to socialize your pet, teaching it the correct manners of behavior outside the house.

Yorkies are very clean. If you want, you can very quickly accustom a yorkie to the litter box. As for food — despite the prevailing opinion that representatives of the breed is very picky and capricious in terms of nutrition, it is not true. Yorkies are big fans of eating, and even after the bowl with food will be emptied, the pet does not mind to beg the owner’s favorite treat. To avoid health problems, you don’t want to overfeed your dog, let alone give him forbidden treats from your table. From the first days of the appearance of a cute puppy in the house, every breeder must correctly select the diet for his pet, adhering to the schedule and the regime of the day. The diet of yorkies should be nutritious, varied and balanced.

The Yorkshire Terrier is an ideal breed for apartment living. Dogs have no undercoat, and their coat structure is similar to human hair, so this breed can be recommended to people suffering from allergic diseases.

Disadvantages of the Yorkshire Terrier breed

To the disadvantages of this breed can be attributed quite willful, stubborn temperament. Owners of the breed should not forget about the proper education and socialization of their pet. Educate, inculcate the right manners should begin as soon as the baby is settled in the house. Raising a yorkie you need to show tact and patience.

To the minuses of the breed can be attributed the love of this breed to make noise. Dogs have a keen hearing and sense of smell, thanks to the inherent natural hunting instincts, so they often like to bark when they hear sharp sounds outside the window or rustling behind the door, which obviously may not like your neighbors.

Because of its compact size, the Yorkie should be handled very carefully, making sure that the puppy does not jump from a great height or get injured. Very carefully watch your pet on walks. Yorkies are energetic and cocky, so large breed dogs that notice small «aggressors» can frighten or harm the baby. For walks in the cold season to prevent hypothermia will require several sets of warm clothes and shoes.

Special care is required for the coat, which is the trademark of this breed. Before the moment of appearance of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy in the house, it is necessary to buy brushes, sprays, shampoos, balms and conditioners for the care of the coat of dogs. Planning an exhibition career, in addition to proper and systematic care of the coat, owners should master the skill of curling the coat on curlers, learn to make dogs hairstyles and fashionable haircuts. A yorkie that does not participate in exhibitions should not be cut more often than once every three to four months.

In addition to basic hygiene procedures, bathing, ear care, eye care, it is necessary to learn how to brush your yorkie’s teeth. In all small breeds of dogs teeth are a problematic place, so you need to brush your dog’s teeth systematically and regularly. It is necessary to accustom the pet to this procedure from three or three and a half months. To prevent the appearance of plaque and tartar, you can buy chewing bones in the pet store, be sure to give your pet fresh vegetables.

No matter how difficult it is to take care of a Yorkshire Terrier, you will find a loyal friend, a devoted companion who will fill your life with unforgettable bright moments. Choosing a Yorkshire Terrier as a pet, remember that care should bring joy and pleasure. Yorkie is not a tribute to fashion or a stylish accessory, but a living creature that requires attention and proper systematic care!