How to potty train a yorkie

There is no doubt that toilet training is a must for dogs regardless of their breed. In the case of large dogs, they are most often trained to go to the toilet outside. In turn, when raising decorative pets, including Yorkshire terriers, in most cases they are accustomed to home litter trays. Such litter trays are used, as a rule, for cats. In addition to trays, owners can easily use special diapers, also helping to solve the issue of organizing the toilet for the animal. As for the question of how to teach a Yorkshire terrier to the toilet, it is not all so simple. Training takes a long time and the owners better be patient.

For starters, it’s important to remember that the puppy’s first few days in the house should be accompanied by toilet training. The toilet training process should start by limiting the space in the house where the puppy can roam freely. Otherwise, he simply won’t be able to remember or want to return to where his toilet seat will be. As usual, at first the yorkie will do his business past the right diaper. However, it is necessary that he does it in the same place. It is recommended to temporarily hide all the mats that are at home, so that the yorkie does not mistake them for a place to toilet. You should not neglect this advice, because once you have marked the place for toilet on a mat that your pet likes, he will do it in the future. In this case, as practice shows, no cleaning of this place will not help and you will have to think about how to train a Yorkshire terrier to the toilet a little longer.

It is not recommended to use the traditional method for big dogs, poking the puppy with the muzzle in his «crime scene».

It is better to eliminate mistakes in the upbringing of the Yorkshire Terrier, so that the dog will be faithful and obedient. Thus, the pet should eventually get accustomed to going to the toilet in one specific place, and access to other parts of the room for him should be closed. For example, to eliminate the possibility of getting a yorkie in the rooms, you can use plywood small height (up to 0.5 m), because a person will not be difficult to overcome such an obstacle, and the yorkie can not climb it. In pet stores you can look for partitions designed to install them between rooms. As a result, it will be possible to organize a small space (up to three or four square meters), on the territory of which the yorkie can sometimes be left alone. This space must have a sleeping place for the dog, toys and a litter tray (or diaper) for toilet.

Once you have chosen a «toilet» place for your pet, you should immediately begin the activities that answer the question of how to toilet train a Yorkshire Terrier. Within 15 minutes of eating, the puppy will want to go to the toilet. During this time period, you should be especially careful not to miss the moment. As soon as the puppy sits down to go to the toilet, you should gently pick him up and move him to the desired location. As a rule, for a long time the yorkie will not understand the purpose of carrying him to the same place. However, with a lot of repetition, he will still be able to recognize the desired place as the toilet where he needs to do his business. If the moment is not caught and the yorkie goes to the wrong place, you should not punish him. It is enough just to wipe the puddle with a diaper and put it in the place where the yorkie’s toilet is, so that he remembers where the smell comes from. Every two to three days, the paper or cloth with the smell from the puppy’s toilet should be thrown away and replaced with new ones. You should also lock the puppy in the toilet on one of these days so that he has no choice of where to go to do his business. If the Yorkie does it right, he should be praised generously.