The yorkie barks all the time. What should I do?

Barking is not only for Yorkies, but for all other breeds of dogs — it is a way to communicate, to express emotions. The peculiarity of Yorkshire terriers is that they bark a little more than others. Sometimes it comes out as entertainment, which can bring some inconvenience not only to the owners. What should you do if your pet barks at every rustle?

Why do yorkies bark? There are many reasons


Of course, every pet tries to protect its human from any threat. You will notice that the reason for barking is a warning of danger, by the aggressive look of the pet.


Not only a wagging tail, but also a ringing bark can welcome you home.

Fun, joy

Such emotions are very strong, and there is no way to do without sound. This also includes anger, for example, at another dog during a walk.


If your pet needs something from you, he will definitely loudly demand attention.


Sometimes, in order to entertain themselves somehow, yorkies begin to bark just like that, because they like their «voice».

These are the main reasons, which, of course, can be much more. Yorkshire terriers can bark at any sound, and this must be fought. It is advisable to train your yorkie from an early age, when they learn with greater ease.

How to wean a yorkie?

The main «helpers» in the process of weaning from this habit of the pet are a ban and encouragement.

But remember that the ban should always be only verbal. You can not add physical punishment, so you will lose the confidence of the pet.

It is necessary to repeat the command «Quiet», and training should be regular. In this case, it is very important to show attention and patience. Many owners repeat this command not every time, thereby disrupting the whole pace of work. It is very important to encourage the yorkie, even if he stopped barking for five seconds.

Show your displeasure with the behavior of the pet, do not play with him, do not give a treat.

Distract the yorkie in every way possible, calm him down. As soon as the pet is distracted from the irritant, gently talk to him, explain that you need to behave quietly.

Also an effective method is the clamping of the ears, but try this method when the yorkie is in a calm state. If this action does not irritate the pet, then safely proceed to use this method on a permanent basis. Repeat the command «Quiet.» It is necessary to follow this method until the pet learns the lesson.