What is the best carrier for a Yorkshire Terrier?

If your Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t like leash collars or harnesses, or if he can’t get used to a muzzle, or if he and his owner are going to be traveling for a long time, you can use a special carrier.

There is a wide range of different yorkie carriers available on the dog bag market. Let’s see what kinds of carriers are available.

What is the best carrier for a Yorkshire Terrier?

The most popular is a soft carrier with a hard bottom, with soft fabric walls, a window and a door. In some models of such carriers there may be special straps inside for fixing the dog, as well as a separate compartment for various small things.

For a long trip, it is best to buy a carrier-container, which is usually made of plastic. It is completely safe and has many holes for air ventilation. These carriers have the wonderful bonus of allowing your pet to spin around in them to stretch out stiff limbs.

Backpack carriers are convenient for hiking or traveling with transfers, as they free up both hands. The classic backpack allows you to carry your Yorkshire Terrier on your back, while the regular type is worn on the front. When buying such a carrier, it is better to choose models with plastic inserts, so that the shape of the product does not spoil, and on the buttons, so as not to damage the pet’s hair.

Carriers can be as winter, with mandatory insulation from dense waterproof fabric, and summer, from lightweight breathable material. There are also demi-seasonal carriers, made entirely of water-repellent material with a little insulation.

Any fabric can be used for sewing the carrier. Durable leather bags are beautiful, but they cannot be used in rainy weather. The dog will be stuffy in such a carrier, and care for the leather should be appropriate. Leather substitute has the same properties, only it also quickly becomes unusable.

Plastic carriers are the best option for summer. They are suitable for walks in any weather and are easy to care for.

Carriers made of nylon have one advantage — they are durable, do not get wet in the rain, do not lose color under the influence of sunlight. Care for such bags is very easy — you just need to wash them as they get dirty.

When choosing a carrier for a Yorkshire Terrier, it is necessary to take into account some nuances.

The bag must be safe — well sewn, with strong handles, waterproof bottom and a strong carabiner inside, preventing possible escape of the pet. The dog should feel comfortable in the bag — to be able to stretch out to its full height and get fresh air. For the convenience of the owner, you can choose carriers with long handles and foam inside.

Whatever walking accessory you would prefer, remember that you should buy it in special stores, otherwise you can buy low-quality equipment.