What is the best collar for a Yorkshire Terrier?

Such collars as, for example, boa constrictors or strict collars, the Yorkshire Terrier does not need at all due to its small size and unnecessary strict training. Let’s take a look at collars suitable for this breed of dog.

For everyday walking, you can use a classic walking collar with one ring for attaching the leash.

For the Yorkshire Terrier, it is important to choose a collar that is the right size: it should not squeeze his throat. But a large collar can easily be pulled off the Yorkie. Therefore, before buying such an accessory, it is better to take the pet with you and try on the collar right in the store.

What is the best collar for a Yorkshire Terrier?

Putting the accessory on the neck of the yorkie, it is necessary to fasten it in such a way that one finger can get under it. This is so that the collar will not dangle or squeeze. If you can get more than one finger under the collar, an active Yorkshire Terrier will be able to pull it off.

Collars should also be lightweight so that they do not spoil the posture of the Yorkshire Terrier. The fabric from which the accessory is made should not be too rough. And the ring for fastening the leash should be reliable. If there are any decorative details on the collar, they should not interfere with the animal — scratch the skin or snag long hairs.

Leather classic collars are durable and always look elegant. But they have a few drawbacks:

  • they get wet quickly in rainy weather;
  • require special care with the use of special leather cleaners;
  • the dog’s skin begins to fray underneath the leather collar after constant wear.

Canvas classic collars have a number of advantages:

  • they are made of durable fabric;
  • they do not get wet in rain, snow or any body of water;
  • easy to care for: you only need to wash them when they get dirty;
  • a variety of colors to suit every taste.

If the Yorkshire Terrier is being prepared for an exhibition, then he can buy a collar such as a synthetic lanyard or chain.

Like walking collars, show collars should be lightweight and have secure fasteners. The lanyard should be free of unnecessary elements that could scratch the dog’s neck, and the chain should have strong, solid links. If the cord can be used in rainy weather, the chain is not suitable for this purpose, as its links can get rusty.

After acquiring a suitable accessory, it is necessary to begin to accustom the Yorkshire Terrier to the collar. The first lessons can begin when the puppy is two to three months old. After calling the dog and giving him a treat, you should gently put the collar over his head. All movements should be accompanied by praise and a treat.

When the collar will be on the pet, you need to let her go and try to distract her from the new thing with a game. First, the accessory is put on for five minutes, then remove it and repeat the attempt after a couple of hours. Every day you need to increase the time of wearing the collar by a couple minutes until the Yorkshire Terrier gets used to the new thing. Only then can the leash be fastened and the dog can go out safely.