What is the best harness for a Yorkshire terrier?

A harness is not really suitable for a show Yorkshire Terrier, as it can spoil its coat and, consequently, its appearance. But for a sheared yorkie a harness is just right — it will correctly distribute the load on his shoulders and chest.

What is the best harness for a Yorkshire terrier

But among the variety of models of harnesses Yorkshire Terrier is suitable only walking type, which can be used every day when going to visit or outdoors.

When buying a harness, it is important to choose the right size, as the accessory should fit snugly around your dog’s torso without restricting his movements. The straps of the harness should not cut into the dog’s armpits or chest, and the clasp should be on the outside so that it does not scratch the skin of the animal. For an accurate selection, it is better to take your pet with you to the store.

After acquiring a suitable harness, it is necessary to properly put it on the Yorkshire terrier, while accustoming him to the new thing. All actions should be accompanied by praise and encouragement in the form of treats.

First of all, both loops of the harness are put on the dog’s head. The supporting vertical strap should be on his chest. Then it is necessary to slip each of the pet’s legs in turn into the corresponding holes, which are separated by the supporting strap.

After that, carefully tighten the adjusting straps so as not to squeeze the dog’s body. When the Yorkshire Terrier tries to pull the harness over the head, it should not shift. When the animal gets used to the accessory, you can fasten the leash and go outdoors.