What is the best leash for a Yorkshire terrier?

When choosing a leash for a Yorkshire Terrier, there are some nuances to consider.

What is the best leash for a Yorkshire terrier

First, the leash should weigh as little as possible and not have unnecessary parts, so that a small pet does not have to carry a lot of weight.

You can buy a rope ring or a thin leather leash. But a leather product should not be used in rain or snow — wet leather will become heavier.

Secondly, the leash should be the right length. If the leash is too short, the Yorkshire Terrier will not have room to maneuver, and in a long leash he may get tangled.

You can also buy a leash-roulette, the length of which is conveniently adjustable. Such an accessory can be a cable or ribbon, and the ribbon is stronger. But the tape measure has a few disadvantages:

  • it can not be used on the roadway, otherwise the leash can twist on the wheels of the car;
  • the dog can get used to unwinding the tape measure at will, which can cause disobedience during training;
  • if you need to pull a Yorkshire Terrier towards you, for example, to get him away from an aggressive dog, the mechanism of the tape measure will not allow you to do it quickly.

Whichever leash is preferred, it should be of excellent quality: with a securely closing carabiner and well-stitched seams. Also, the accessory should not rub on the dog owner’s hand.

The leash should not be pulled too sharply to avoid injury to the airway or cervical vertebrae of the Yorkshire Terrier. Nor should your pet be allowed to chew on the leash, otherwise he may tear it and run away.