What is the right muzzle for a yorkie?

Even if your Yorkshire Terrier is usually sweet and friendly, it is better if you put a muzzle on him on public transportation or at the veterinary clinic. This will prevent unnecessary conflicts and save your nerves.

And if your pet sometimes does not mind picking up a «tasty treat» from the ground, a muzzle on a walk is necessary for the safety of the dog.

Despite the small size of your dog, in some cases a muzzle may be necessary:

  • when traveling in transportation;
  • when visiting the hospital;
  • at shows;
  • during training;
  • during walks: for example, to prevent the pet from picking up something dirty from the ground;
  • for bitches during mating to prevent them from biting.

Many passers-by may not like the fact that an animal is walking around without a muzzle. Especially if it is a loud barking, dominant and hyperactive Yorkshire Terrier. To avoid possible conflicts, such an accessory is a must.

What is the right muzzle for a yorkie

How to choose a muzzle for a Yorkshire Terrier

For this breed of dog, there is no need to purchase a metal or blind muzzle, which is more suitable for medium to large breeds. A nylon muzzle is a great choice for both your Yorkshire Terrier’s daily walks and for going anywhere else.

To choose the right size, measure the length and girth of the muzzle. Pay attention to how the muzzle fits on the dog, it should not:

  • Crawl over the eyes and obstruct the view;
  • hang loose, otherwise your yorkie will easily pull it off;
  • close to the dog’s nose;
  • your pet must be able to open its mouth while wearing the muzzle to breathe freely.

With this accessory, your dog will not be able to poison himself or bite someone on the ground, because the muzzle completely fits around his face. The nose remains open so that the animal can breathe freely.

This muzzle can be worn by your pet in any weather, because nylon does not get wet at all, and the skin underneath does not fade. And if it gets dirty, it can be easily washed.

In too hot weather, you can use a mesh muzzle, consisting of a nylon frame and walls of translucent material, through which it is convenient to breathe. But such an accessory will not last long if your Yorkshire Terrier likes to chew on everything. Buy a muzzle with Velcro is worth buying only if the pet is calm about it.

To buy a comfortable muzzle, you need to measure the muzzle of the Yorkshire Terrier in advance:

  • the length from the pet’s eyes to her nose;
  • the circumference of the muzzle just below the eyes;
  • the length from the nape of the neck to the eyes;
  • the circumference of the neck behind the ears;
  • the widest part of the muzzle in front;
  • the distance from the nose to the chin.

Do not forget to compare the measurements with the size chart of the chosen accessory model.

The muzzle should not be uncomfortable for the dog, so the straps should not be tightened too much. After a few days of wearing the muzzle, you should carefully inspect the skin of your pet. If there are marks from the frame or straps, it means that the model is not suitable for him: too small or too big.

A Yorkshire Terrier should be taught to the muzzle in advance, at two or three months of age. During the first lesson it is necessary to show the puppy that this accessory is absolutely safe. To do this, the muzzle is placed on the floor and a tasty treat is put in it. Then call the dog up and give him time to familiarize himself with the muzzle, as he will want to eat the treat. After a few of these sessions, the puppy will realize that the muzzle is a good thing.

When the Yorkshire Terrier becomes calm about the new object, you should start putting the muzzle on him, encouraging the dog with encouragement and tasty treats. At first for two to three minutes, gradually adding time. You can try to distract the pet by playing with his favorite toy. You can only go outside when the baby is fully accustomed to the accessory and stops pulling it off.